IMAGE:30 way aluminum charging cart with AC+USB two charging mode for quick charging both of PAD and notebook and with 3x UVC rays germicidal lamp enable to do both of sterilized and charging

Model # MS-NB/USB30AUV –30way aluminum Cart charging with both USB type A + AC mode enable for quick charging 30pcs of both tablet /PAD and notebook easier and it has built with 3x 8W-10W UVC rays’ Germicidal lamp in each layer of Cart Charing which can efficiently and safely inactivates airborne human coronaviruses and Bacteria virus to reach up Sterilize and charging at the same time and each charging cart with Front aluminum alloy + steel doors + 3 cooling fan in the side panel with aluminum handles & 4 heavy duty castors

Can Usage Scenarios in Office / meeting room / Catering / public place etc.