MS-aluminum series leakage protection
MS-aluminum series power usb on ff swtich
aluminum-charging-cart aluminum-series-charging-cart-open aluminum-series-charging-cart-open-ac MS-aluminum series leakage protection MS-aluminum series power usb on ff swtich

Removable Charging Cart

MS- Aluminum series

Charging cart with both AC/ USB model for Notebook, Tablet and PAD devices with charging, synchronous and secured function.


  • Circle arc aluminum alloy skeleton material Strong and durable, light weight and easy mobility. Antistatic and scratch resistant.
  • Support charging 30 way40 way to 60-way Notebook or tablet and PAD device
  • With leakage protection and overload protection to prevent short circuit leakage and protect the personal safety
  • With aluminum alloy and steel enclosed with security structure for safety storage.
  • With cooling fan system in the rear side of charging cart station for best heat-dissipation.
  • Power management system: Temporal power supply, multi-mode timing, overload protection and digital display
  • Charging port 4 model available 1) AC+USB 2) AC +type C 3) USB or Type C only 4) AC only.


  • MA-Aluminum Series – AC+USB charging station supports charging from 30 ways to 60 ways or more
  • with special rounded aluminum alloy skeleton material, strong and durable, light weight, easy to move.
  • with anti-static and anti-scratch function
  • Front upper and lower decorative panels and left and right doors are designed with rounded arc to greatly reduces the user’s bumping problem
  • provides different models  and color for customers to choose.
  • with a high degree of security, power switch with leakage protection and between the group on the power function, to prevent instantaneous high current transmission, while being able to charge work at the same time
  • To add additional ultraviolet germicidal lamp (10W or more), able to kill bacteria
  • Individual AC  or USB mode are available too .

MS-Aluminum series supports 30- 60way USB and AC devices and it is compatible with all kinds of flat panel devices.
The outlet of the socket is 220V, with the original adapter, the USB port is used to output- the DC 5V2.1A; AC is optional and Input voltage:110- 220V Integrated power management system: there are charging indicator lights, power indicator lights, leakage protection, temperature control, with more than 2 standby power supply interface it is easy to connect with other devices; active PEC switching power supply, energy saving; broadband input AC 110V-240V, the international general.

Equipped with four 5inch wheels (with brake function), four angle thickening of soft plastic collision angle,ABS ergonomic handle, the top corner arc (more than R10) design, a full range of security protection.

  • Dimension: width 700mm /Depth 600mm / Height 950mm (for 30way)
  • Material: Aluminum alloy +SPCC quality cold rolled steel 1.0-1.5mm Rack is equipped with ABS plastic interlayer, layer tablet, Effectively prevent the scratch tablet
  • Surface Finish: Powder coated
  • Color: Black/ Grey / white

Product list

Item TYPE Way (structure) Extra function
MS-NB/USB30A USB+AC 30 (10×3) None
MS-NB/USB30AUV USB+AC, UV 10W Lamp 30(10×3) UV 10W Lamp
MS-NB/USb30QC USB+AC, Quick charging 30(10×3) Quick charging
MS-NB/USB30SYNC USB+AC, Synchronous 30(10×3) Synchronous
MS-NB/USBC30A USB (type C) + AC 30(10×3) USB (type C)
NS-NB/USB40A USB+AC 40(10×4) None
MS-NB/USB40AUV USB+AC, UV10W Lamp 40 (10×4) UV10W Lamp
MS-NB/USB40QC USB+AC, Quick charging 40(10×4) quick charging
MS-NB/USB40SY USB +AC, Synchronous 40(10×4) None
MS-NB/USBC40 USB (Type C) +AC 40(10×4) None
MS-PAD30A or MS-PAD40A USB or USB (Type C) 30(10×3) ,40(10×4) With tray draw-out type
MS-PAD36A or MS-PAD48A or 64A USB or USB (Type C) 36(12×3),48(12×4),64(16×4) With tray draw-out type
MS-NB30A AC type 30 (10×3) With tray draw -out type
MS-NB36A AC type 30(12×3) With tray draw-out type

with UV light -optional choice

color choice # Red / Blue / Black / Silver

Charging cart stataion.pdf

30-40way charging cart with AC or USB mode

Cart charging station with AC or USB mode