Fix Tilt Wall mount A fixed TV wall mount is the most basic kind of TV mount it can simply hold your TV on the wall, A flat fixed TV wall mount is perfectly to living spaces where the TV can be mounted in a fixed position. This creates a clean and sleeker look by having the TV flush with the wall, it also helps to hide all the unsightly mechanical parts and cable of a wall mount A tilt mount allows you to adjust your TV up and down.

This allows much more flexibility with where you hang your TV.
A tilt TV mount does protrude from the wall more than a fixed TV wall mount. a wide variety of tilt wall mounts are available for those looking for a TV wall mount which can be slightly angled, vertically up to 15°. Tilt your TV downward nearly 45 degrees or upward,

A tilting TV wall mount allows you to get an optimal viewing angle without having to crane your neck to see your TV to create more flexible and more comfortable TV viewing experience.

A tilting TV bracket is a great option if you’ll be mounting your TV over a fireplace, in the bedroom, or somewhere in the room that’s above eye level.

Both of flat fixed TV wall mount and the tilt wall mounts are available for LCD, LED and Plasma TVs of all brands, max. weight of 100kg and different VESA sizes, varying between 100 and 800 mm. VESA is a standard that indicates the distance between the holes in the back of the TV.

Fix Tilt Wall mount

Photo Model TV Size VESA Tilt Rotation/Swivel dis to wall max loading
MS-FMW1732S3 For Screen low profile 17-32" TV 75/100/200x100 18mm 37kgs
MS-FMW2355T22S For Screen 23-45" TV 600x400 25mm 35kgs
MS-FMW3250T-W for Screen 32-50" LCD or PLASMA ( can 5∘pitch adjustment) 400x600 55mm 75kgs
MS-FMW3270T2M for 32-70" TV 600x400 16mm 45kgs
MS-FMW3760T for 36-70" TV 600x400 10mm 65kgs
MS-FMW4284T-W1 for Screen 42-84" LCD or PLASMA (Can do 5∘ pitch adjustment) 800x400 54.5mm 75kgs
MS-FMW42100T1 for screen 42-100" Ultra- thin fixed TV wall mount 800x600 16mm 100kgs
MS-FMW50100P4L For Screen 50-100" TV ( heavy Duty TV mount ) 900x600 28mm 100kgs
MS-TMW1732S038 For Screen 17-32" TV 75/100/200x100 -12°/+12° 33mm 37kgs
MS-TMW2655-WT For Screen 26-55" TV 400x400 -30°/+30° 63mm 60kgs