MS-apc open
MS-APC front
MS-apc- inside
MS-APC top fan
MS-APC-side MS-apc open MS-APC front MS-apc- inside MS-APC top fan


  • The APC Series server rack cabinets are compatible with EIA 19″ standard servers and computers and equipment.
  • The fully enclosed server racks range in size from 27U to 47U and feature high density perforated mesh front doors and two section rear doors with security key locks, ideal for optimal airflow in any server room or data center, the APC series server racks are available in widths of 600mm/800mm and various depths from 800/1000mm to 1200mm to accommodate long servers.
  • Each front/rear and side door has security key locks to keep all the contents inside properly secured and it can reach a maximum load of 1200kgs or more. In addition, it has included 4 cooling fans inside for optimal heat dissipation and air flow.
  • The APC series server cabinet is a fully removable disassembled design for quick installation.
  • It comes in a flat package of only 3 boxes/each cabinet is easy to transfer and saves a lot of shipping cost and space and The surface of each server cabinet is used by powder coated for long life and scratch resistance and included 4x cooling fan / 4 castors and floor stand of easy moving,
  •  various accessories of cable rack / PDU/ shelf / cable are available for optional.
  • OEM and ODM server cabinet can be customized to meet customer needs.

MS-APC series –

19inch  perforated mesh door server rack cabinet ,server cabinet enclosures, data center server cabinet enclosure 27U-47U

MS-APC series -Free Standing perforated metal mesh door server Cabinets Enclosures designed, according to EIA-RS310 standard for network server of high density in IT and data center environment,

APC series network server cabinet provide full size model from height of 27U/32U/37/42U/45U/47U with depth 800-1200mm and different door type tempered glass door or mesh steel door easy to meet customer required and any kind of OEM/ODM wall mount rack can be customized to meet customer need.

Applications of APC -series Network Cabinet

  • Protect and accommodate the servers
  • DVR, security equipment and Hubs
  • Patch panels, circuits switch for communication center
  • Data center systems and PABX
  • Uninterruptible Power System and Storage Devices
  • Network and Communications Equipment
Botton plate with cable hole Top plate with 4xfan and cable hole solid mounting profiel 2.0mm earth wire

APC (RS) type beige color heavy duty Server cabinet 27U-47U depth 800-1200mm detail

Product Size:

Model No.
Capacity Width Depth Height
(U) (mm) (mm) (mm)
MS-APC6827 800
MS-APC6027 1000
MS-APC8027 1000
MS-APC6832 800
MS-APC6032 1000
MS-APC8032 1000
MS-APC6837 800
MS-APC6037 1000
MS-APC8037 1000
MS-APC6842 800
MS-APC6042 1000
MS-APC8042 1000
600 2277
MS-APC6847 800
MS-APC6047 1000
MS-APC8847 800 800
MS-APC8047 1000
Photo Item nummber Description download file
Cantilever shelf
MS-CJS1U350 1U Cantilever Shelf depth 350mm
1U Cantilever Shelf depth 400mm
1U Cantilever Shelf depth 450mm
1U Cantilever Shelf depth 600mm
2U Cantilever Shelf depth 350mm
2U Cantilever Shelf depth 400mm
2U Cantilever Shelf depth 450mm
2U Cantilever Shelf depth 600mm
Fixed Shelf
MS-FS450W Fixed Shelf Wall mounted Cabinet for 450mm depth racks ()
Fixed Shelf Wall mounted Cabinet for 600mm depth racks
Fixed Shelf Server Cabinet for 600mm depth racks
Fixed Shelf Server Cabinet for 800mm depth racks
Fixed Shelf Server Cabinet for 1000mm depth racks
Sliding Shelf
MS-SF800) Sliding Shelf Server Cabinet for 800mm depth racks
Sliding Shelf Server Cabinet for 1000mm depth racks
MS-PDU06 Cabinet Accessories: 6Port Power Distributor Unit PDU Europe Type ,16A
MS-PDU08 Cabinet Accessories: 8Port Power Distributor Unit PDU Europe Type ,16A
MS-PDU12 Cabinet Accessories: 12Port Vertical Power Distributor Unit PDU Europe Type ,16A
Brush panel
MS-CM1905 Cabinet Accessories: 1U Panel Brush
Cable management
MS-CM1906) Cabinet Accessories: 1U Metal Cable Management
(MS-CM006) Cabinet Accessories: 1U Plastic Management W/Cover
Fan and Fan plate
MS-Fan 120mm cooling fan with Power cable
MS-TOP 4FAN Cabinet Accessories: Top Four Fan Plate Unit
Fan + Thermometer
MS-1U TEMP Cabinet Accessories: 1U Thermometer
MS-1UFIT2 TEMP Cabinet Accessories: 1U 2 Fans Plate + Thermometer
MS-1Ufit 4temp Cabinet Accessories: 1U4 Fans Plate + Thermometer
MS-HWMB2U MS-HWMB4U MS-HWMB6U 2U wall bracket 4U wall bracket 6U wall bracket
Patch panel
MS-1UCA6PPT24 Patch Panel UTP Cat6 24 Port, Pass Fluke
MS-1UCA6PPT48 Patch Panel UTP Cat6 48 Port, Pass Fluke
MS-1UCA6PP624E Empty Patch Panel 24 port. with 24 keystones Jack UTP CAT6 Short Type
Fiber optial patch panel
Ca6 Toolless Jack + shutter
MS-KJ19C6/6A keystone Jack UTP CAT6/6 A Toolless
MS-3KJC6UTP keystone Jack UTP Cat6 /6A tolless with shutter
Cat6 Patch cord
MS-CAT6 UTP/FTP-xx CAT5e/ Cat6/ Cat6A UTP / FTP LAN cable
Cat6 /6A/ UTP SFTP CAT6/ 6A UTP /SFTP Roll 305meter cable
Round lock and Spring lock
MS-SRCJ020 Round Lock For Side Door
MS-SPL02 cabinet accessories -spring lock
MS-HdL02 cabinet accessories - handle lock
LCD Monitor + KVM
MS-AL1708x 17" LCD Retractable with 8-port Combo KVM Switch with 8 X 1.8m Cables, 1U
MS-AL1908x 19" LCD Retractable with 8-port Combo KVM Switch with 8 X 1.8m Cables, 1U
Raised Floor
MS-RF6635 MS-Panel -Size 600*600*35mm,Steel cementcore,1.2mm HPL tile
MS-Pedestal-1.2mm thickness, tube dia 35mm , bottom 95x95mm
MS-Stringer-570x35x21mm thickness 1.2mm
MS-RF6635 heavy duty castors+floor stand  
MS-Screw Pack MS-RF6635

Accessories for 19″ swing wall mount cabinet
Accessories for 19″ wall mount cabinet-single section

main optional parts for cabinet
optional parts for 18-47U cabinet

27-42U server cabinet with beige color
Data sheet of RS type 27-42U server cabinet

Network server cabinet
Data sheet of 19″ 27-47U network data rack cabinet

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