The Wall and Ceiling Projector mount is designed to install Projectors in the right and suitable place for mounting and angling projector to prevent everything image goes pear-shaped and a right mounting your projector can turn your media room into an at the home movie theater or gaming parlor
Morstar is providing different type of ceiling and wall type Project mount with fixed and tilt type/ height adjustable / full-motion type / fine turn and project stand to meet customer different requirement

The wall and ceiling speaker mount are designed for Proper speaker placement to have outcome a crucial and excellent sound and putting the speakers on stands gives more freedom to put them where they’ll sound their best
Morstar is providing different type of Ceiling speaker mounts and wall type speaker mount and speaker bracket and speaker stand to meet customer different requirement

Projector and speaker mount

Photo Model materials Tilt Rotation/Swivel adjust height max loading
MS-PJR052T.jpg MS-PJR052T is a universal projector mount, which can adjustable tilt 15。Up and 15。Down and Rotation 360。to support max loading 11kgs and its stretch tube from ceiling distance is 50-70cm and there is extend tube MS-ETB-extend tube for 25-46cm or 46-80cm or 80-160cm available for option to easily extend the length of project mount ceiling wall. Universal Adjustable Steel Ceiling Projector Mount -15°/+15° 360°/ dis to celling wall 500-700mm 11kgs
Extension tube -MS-ETB-extend tube (25-46cm) or (46-80cm) or (80-160cm) for option
MS-SM series speaker wall mount and stand have included speaker wall mount and speaker stand which are with fully high gauge solid steel with many advantages of included a safety clip and tilt without any tool and slide in installation for easy mounting and included the cable management and hardware pack. High Gauge steel speaker mount with tilt without tool -30°/+30° Swivel 45° 10kgs
High gauge steel speaker with safety clip -30°/+30° Swivel 45° 10kgs
Plastic speaker mount -30°/+30° Swivel 45° 10kgs
MS-SM05-speaker stand with 800mm height Heavy duty speaker stands with 800mm height -30°/+30° Swivel 45° 10kgs