Accessories for 19inch wall mount and server cabinet


  1. Cable Management –Cable rack / Brush Panle /Cable Ring
  2. Cooling fan and Fan temperature controller unit
  3. Shelf –Fix shelf / Cantilever Shelf / Sliding shelf / keyboard tray
  4. 1U/2U/3U/4U /6U wall bracket
  5. Networking parts (patch panel / patch cord cable /Jack)
  6. 1U/2U/3U/4U – Blanking panel
  7. Parts — Lock / Castors / stand / screw 8 nut
  8. L bracket / Din Rail / Sliding rail
  9. raised floor

Accessories for 19″ Rack and Cabinet

Full range of 19inch rack and cabinet accessories Offering for server racks, 19″ EIA cabinets, electronic enclosures, and other network equipment including rack power strips, rackmount shelves, rackmount LCD monitors, rackmount keyboard drawers, rack monitoring devices, and cable management. The 1U-4U blanking unit and wall bracket and network parts of patch panel and Network cable, and cooling system of 1U or 2U fan kit with temperature controller and baying kit, earth wire parts, raised floor. We are providing a full range of rack and cabinet accessories to meet all kinds of customer requirement .

Main Accessories Items:

  • Shelf –Fix shelf / Cantilever Shelf / Sliding shelf / keyboard tray
  • Cable Management –Cable rack / Brush Panel /Cable Ring
  • PDU ( universal 6way/ 8way /12 way /24 way ) w/ on off switch & over load protection
  • Fan temperature controller and Cooling fan
  • Rail–L bracket / Din Rail / Sliding rail
  • Wall bracket -1U/2U/3U/4U /6U
  • Patch panel–24 /48port Cat6/6A patch panel and Jack
  • Patch cord -Ca5e/Cat6/Cat6A patch cord networking cable
  • Raised floor
sliding shelf
Cable management
Fan Controller
Fan Controller

L type bracket / rail / Din rail

Blank Panel
Wall bracket (1U-6U)
Patch panel front
Networking parts -Patch pane
  • cantilever shelf
  • Cat6-6A keystone jack toolless
Networking parts –patch cord and Jack
raised floor
Raised floor
  • Spring lock
  • screws and cages nuts
Parts – lock -castors- screw

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