• TV cart and TV stand


The Rolling TV stands are a great video and graphic solution for businesses and any store and school and seminar center, they help promoting the presentations in conference rooms, trade shows, hotels, meetings, and other settings.

The Morstar mobile TV stand provided different designs with solid steel construction to be mounted with any kind size of TV for 30-70inch TV and with shelves on it for storing items and it can be easy to move into different places the TV rolling cart are with height adjustable and can be tilted it is easy to adjust theTV to the best viewing,

Morstar TV stand have different choice, they have Desktop TV Stand, display stand with mount, TV stand with mount, Desktop tv stand with mount which are designed for different function and the place of use.

TV floor stand and cart

Photo Model TV Size VESA Tilt Rotation/Swivel adjust height max loading
MS-CT6-27 ( multiple monitor TV Cart ) for Screen 6 (3x 2) x 27" LCD /PLASMA TV. Each monitor can be micro adjusted 20mm up and down, either moved along the Track 75/100mm -20°/+20° 360° 18mm 6kgs(13.2lbs)/per screen
MS-CT3770T4 For Screen 37-70”TV Heavy duty Steel with height adjustable and cable management 600x400mm -15°/+15° Swivel: 120°/ pivot 土4° 125-535mm 68kgs
MS-CT3770T36 for Screen 37”70”TV Aluminum TV cart wit tray plate w. height adjustable and cable management 600x400mm -2°/+4° Swivel: 90° 153-600nn 68kgs