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What Is Rack Standard?

The “rack” is a system for mounting devices inside cabinets and open frames. It is followed 19inch EIA310standardized, and thanks to that, knowing the given device has rack-sized chassis, you can be certain…

Typical have 600mm and 800mm, the 600mm is basic type, and 800mm is extended one. In 800mm cabinets it is easier to maintain large wire bundles, s additional width can be used to install vertical cable management system inside of both side of the cabinet. In recently also has 1000mm width cabinet required for special project.

For wall-mounted rack cabinets there are 450mm/600mm (single section) and 550mm or 600mm (dual-section).
For Standing network and server rack cabinet there are depth 600mm, 800mm, 1000mm, and even 1200mm.

  • Step 1: Check your computer facilities space, if the space is small and limited and can’t be placed on the floor, please consider the 19” wall mounted rack and cabinet (wall mounted type rack cabinet) – on the contrary can consider the -19inch network and server rack cabinet (floor standing server cabinet).
  • Step2: Check the deepest external depth of 19inch device or 19inch rack mount device then choose the suitable installation depth of cabinet according to its depth.
  • Step 3: Check the installation depth of server cabinet
    The installation dept is difference for every cabinet it is according on the cabinet inside construction details, for example the 800mm depth of server cabinet its inside installation depth is around 550-600mm which be found from the depth of Installation depth. This information is different for every cabinet, and usually you can read about that in cabinet’s description. For example – the MORSTAR 42u cabinet 800mm depth have 550mm installation depth that allows easy installation of rack mount chassis and network device and shelf or related accessories inside, which construction is designed so you get 100mm in front and back of the cabinet to manage cables.

The Number of server cabinet unit you need.

First step is knowing the total U units of your network devices and rack mount server chassis will need.
A rack cabinet unit is a standard for measuring rack mount equipment one rack unit is 1.75inch or 44.45mm in height one rack unit is also called 1U ,The floor standing Network server cabinet usually come as 36U/37U/41U/42U and 47U cabinet enclosures and small office or home soho office usually need 18U-27U and the wall mounted rack cabinet is from 4U-18U. you can easily calculate the internal space height by multiplying the given number of rack unit by 1.75inch or by 44.5mm for instance a 42U cabinet enclosure has 42×1.75 inch or 42×44.5mm of usable inside height space.

The 19Inch wall mounted rack cabinet is wall-mounted type and the 19inch network rack and server cabinet are floor standing types.

    1. For smaller and lightly device and limited space –first select wall mounted rack cabinet
      The wall mounted rack cabinet are mounted on walls and designed to house smaller and lightly devices, mainly telecommunication and monitoring solutions. Largest height of those is 22U, but most of them range from 6U to 18U.and width of those cabinet is 600mm and depth is usually 600mm and 450mm for single section and 550 and 600mm for double section which have small max loading for 60-80kgs and have space limitation need to be mount the equipment on the wall.
    2. For Data center and huge data server and security facility and huge computer facility center – The best choice is the floor standing network and server rack cabinet for height 22u-48U and width 600 to 800 and depth 600-1000mm equipped with 4x wheels for easy moving and adjustable feet with high max loading up to 800-1000kgs and build in cooling system and enable many kind accessories like as sliding shelf / PDU / temperature controller /and cable management for optional.
4U-18U wall mount rack cabinet
wall mount rack cabinet

4U-18U wall mount rack cabinet

22U-48UU floor standing network and server cabinet
floor stand server cabinet

22U-48UU floor standing network and server cabinet

Wall mounted cabinets can have single or double sections the single section is mounted on the wall, only has one front glass or front metal door, the rear wall panel is mounted on the wall.

If you need to operate and maintain at both front and back side of wall mounted rack easily then must select double section wall mount rack which construction allows to move whole front of cabinet as it is installed on hinges with back section.

Single section wall mount rack with 1xfront glass door
single section wall mount rack

Single section wall mount rack with 1xfront glass door

swing-out double section wall mount rack with 2 open doors
double section wall mount rack

swing-out double section wall mount rack with 2 open doors

1)The wall mounted cabinet – single section wall mounted rack cabinet its back side is screw to the wall so only need to choose front door. Please find below.

A Tempered (5mm) glass door
B Full metal door
C Perforated metal mesh door

2) Floor standing server rack cabinet is for Telecommunication networking cabinet that did not need to be cooled in any way -is more using front glass door with full metal back door popular.
For server solution rack cabinet where air flow and efficient cooing is the key, so they need the perforated doors are essential for heat dissipation.
There are also popular for mixing the front glass door with rear perforated door included the best air flow and glass door features.

3)  Excepting the door type of glass or perforated door, also have single open or slit dual open door and arc curve or flat different design door for choice as below photo list for reference.

A 2-post rack is constructed from two vertical upright support beams, 2 Post racks, also known as telco or relay racks are built to house lightweight equipment. That includes patch panel, routers, switches, controllers, telecommunication equipment or very thin servers. Additionally, 2 post racks are great for mounting shelves that support non-rack able equipment.

4-post rack is constructed from four beams,4 post racks are the standard for full servers, they can support different height up to 47U and able fit any kinds of IT equipment that needs to be mounted, you can choose it suitable size fit in office or large enough to satisfy a data center 4 Post Racks, on the other hand, can carry much more weight than 2 post racks, and have different depth for choice similar as the server rack cabinet but without doors and panels can add castors for moving and have many 19inch rack and cabinet accessories available for optional.

4post open frame rack with solid 19inch standard construction
4post open frame rack

4post open frame rack with solid 19inch standard construction

4post open frame rack with solid 19inch standard construction
2post open frame rack

4post open frame rack with solid 19inch standard construction

1.) First to Select charging mode, for 1 mode: USB or USB (type C) charge for Tablet and PAD device. For 2 modes: AC+USB charge for Notebook /Tablet and PAD device.
If select AC + USB with two mode charge. It is corresponded to the MS-Aluminum series charging cart.
If select USB charge mode. It is corresponded to MS-ARC series or MS-aluminum series.

2)Second to check how many tablets or PAD device need to be charged in one cart. There has 16 to 80 way /per charging cart available for choice.

3)Third one, if select the MS-ARC series, there are different type for choice.
3-1) Desktop charging cabinet.
3-2) Floor standing type with glass door with security lock or floor standing with iron door with security lock.

If you already have your TV, you’ll want to find a compatible mount that matches your monitor’s specs. There are two main dimensions you need to confirm before looking for a mounting bracket:

  •  Screen Size: The size of your TV is the diagonal length measured from corner to corner of your screen. You can find this measurement on the box, in the user manual, or with a tape measure.
  • VESA Compliance: A monitor’s VESA size is the distance between the mounting holes on the back of your TV. Measured in millimeters, The first measurement is from left to right, and the second measurement is top to bottom. Common VESA sizes are 200 x 200, 400 x 400, and 600 x 400 depending on the screen size of your TV.

How to check TV VESA size
IMAGE: How to check TV VESA size

TV mount in landscape (horizontal) or portrait (vertical) orientation can be customized per request. A rotating bracket will usually allow both, but many mounts can build for one or the other.

There are several types of TV mounting brackets that can perform various movements. The main 5 motions are popular

  • Panning: A left or right- angled movement
  • Tilting: An upward or downward angled movement
  • Swiveling: A left or right- angled movement on an extension
  • Articulating: Full freedom of movement
  • Rotating: Switch from landscape to portrait, or anywhere in between

You can select which features of motion of TV mount you need.

To determine where you want to place your TV, we have lots of choices like you can hang ceiling TV mount from the ceiling, or on the wall. You can refer to the Fixed and Tilt TV mount or Full-motion TV mount and adjustable smart TV mount or place it on the tv stand can refer to our TV stand and cart. Our full range and various type TV mount products can meet the different mounting solution required.