0way charging cart with far UV-C lighting to Sterilization

IMAGE:30 way aluminum charging cart with AC+USB two charging mode for quick charging both of PAD and notebook and with 3x UVC rays germicidal lamp enable to do both of sterilized and charging Model # MS-NB/USB30AUV –30way aluminum Cart charging with both USB type A + AC mode enable for quick charging 30pcs of both [...]

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IP65/55 4U-15U outdoor wall mount rack and 18U-45U outdoor server cabinet

IMAGE:4U-15U outdoor wall mount cabinet and 18U-45U floor stand outdoor cabinet meet for IP55 protection degree 4u-15u outdoor telecommunications hanging cabinet and Floor standing outdoor cabinet rack 18U-45U is mainly used for wireless communication base station, including the new generation of 5G system, communication network/network integrated services, access/transmission switching station, emergency communication/transmission, etc. Morstar’s outdoor [...]

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800mm Width High Density Network And Server Cabinet

IMAGE:19inch 800widht x 1100-1200mm rugged solid cabinet with high density vented perforated one open and dual open door with high ventilation rate reach up 80% which is best for telecommunication and huge data center digital video recorder application Morstars' 800width and 1100 - 1200mm depth high-density server cabinet have different heights of 27U-32U-42U-45U-47U with one [...]

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